In 2009, we launched FoodFight as a way to use schools as a platform to increase food literacy in underserved communities. Our curriculum was designed to introduce high school students to the social, political, environmental and economic forces that shape our food system. So much more than a nutrition program, FoodFight sought to engage students in meaningful conversations about their influence as consumers and to inspire them to become social justice activists. Over time, we also worked to harness the power of teachers, administrators, and staff as wellness champions; a constituent group that had been long overlooked in efforts designed to improve school food.

We have been honored to be part of the movement to strenghten the culture of health and wellness in schools, throughout the country, and are proud of the numbers of school stakeholders who have been positively impacted by our programs and resources.

After 8 years, FoodFight is ceasing operations. However, our support of food reform remains unbowed. Our website and resources pages will remain active but our materials and programs will be spearheaded by another nationally based nonprofit—FoodCorps.

Since its inception, FoodCorps has set the standard for establishing new norms for what healthy school food environments should look like. Their service members offer hands-on lessons in cooking, gardening and healthy cafeteria tastings—all geared toward improving a school-wide culture of health. Click here to learn more about FoodCorps.

We are proud to hand the baton to FoodCorps and are gratified that FoodFight will continue to promote the efforts of such an impactful organization.    

Lastly, we greatly appreciate your support over the years. Thank you for believing in the value of our mission. Keep up the good fight.

In Good Health,

The FoodFight Team

Welcome to THE FoodFight

Our mission is to revolutionize the way we eat and think about food.

Using schools as a platform, FoodFight arms teachers, students, parents and school staff with the tools and knowledge they need to make healthier choices and become role models and agents of change for their families and communities.


If you are looking to launch a food literacy campaign at your school, reinvigorate an existing wellness committee, or encourage more school-wide buy in, cooking, gardening, or physical fitness programs, FoodFight's Food Literacy Toolkits can help. Once you have gone through the three steps of the toolkit, you are ready to start the process of educating your school community.


FoodFight has partnered with carefully selected organizations to help bring their expertise and materials to your school.  Determine your area of interest and then decide which organization best suits your school's needs.