Joe Cross's Screening Tour
Join us on March 24th for an exclusive screening of “The Kids Menu,” the latest documentary from Joe Cross and the team that brought you “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”

Watch Joe meet with experts, teachers, kids and

Save the Date!
Join us the our annual spring fundraiser on Sunday, May 15, 2016.

We will be hosting a fun family festival for kids in the city, with a bounce house, games, crafts, music and so much more.

Come suit up for

The Ongoing Battle with Obesity
Read Deb Grant's latest Letter to the Editor on The Problem With Focusing on Childhood Obesity in the New York Times.

It's available here. 

CSPI's Food Education Report is out!
Getting food education into every school will require collaboration from many groups and individuals, as well as an approach based on research. The new Food Day report describes the state of food education in America

A Spoonful of Sugar
The New York Times Science Section recently published Deborah Lewison-Grant's Letter to the Editor regarding The Sugar Conundrum. Read it here!

The Real Reason Students Hate School Lunches
In her piece, "Why Students Hate School Lunches," (NYT 9/27/15), reporter Kate Murphy wonders why kids are not more eager to consume the food they find on their lunch trays. The article explores a