If you are looking to launch a food literacy campaign at your school, reinvigorate an existing wellness committee, or encourage more school-wide buy in, cooking, gardening, or physical fitness programs, FoodFight's Food Literacy Toolkits can help. Once you have gone through the three steps of the toolkit, you are ready to start the process of educating your school community.


1. Awareness

Why do we need to look beyond our plates? Eating has become a complicated business. We need to understand the forces that shape our eating and buying decisions before we can make real and lasting change and become smarter and more empowered consumers. 

2. Education

Food literacy education is the key to reversing the obesity epidemic and to healing a broken food system. Knowledge = Power. Learn how to navigate safely in a challenging food environment while mobilizing school community members in your efforts to promote healthier and more sustainable eating.

3. Action

Now that you've begun the process the learning about the problem, its time to let your voice be heard and your actions felt. Find ideas and links to extend your food education and advocacy efforts beyond the boundaries of your classroom and school.