Education: Parents

Parent Wellness Workshop

This 45-minute slide presentation is designed to provide a formal introduction to food literacy concepts for parents and guardians.  We suggest you find a date and time that will yield the largest number of participants. Participation = success.  The more folks you have on board, the more likely you will create a successful wellness movement in your school.

Four Quadrant

This handout or printout is an excellent reminder for parents and care givers to target key healthy behaviors - for use at home and in the staff room.

FF 10 Steps to Better Health

This handout or print out provides 10 easy to follow steps for making immediate and measurable changes to health outcomes.  It should be displayed at home and at school.

Serving Size

This document will help you keep track of what foods (and in what quantities) you and your family should aim to consume on a regular basis.

Facts on Food Marketing to Youth

Food companies spend billions of dollars luring your children to consume nutrionally bankrupt food. Here are some fast facts to get you up to speed and arm you with information about their marketing strategies.

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

Although school cafeterias are doing more and more to improve school, one of the best way for parents to influence control what goes into their children’s bodies is to pack a school lunch. Nearly 1/3 of children’s calories come from food consumed at school. Packing a lunch is good way to ensure your child is getting the nutrients they need.

False Health Claims 101

Health claims on food packages are known as functional food claims. Many of these claims are based on little or no scientific evidence. Know the lingo so you don't get fooled into believing something is healthier than it actually is.