Teacher Wellness Program

Following the success of our FoodFight in the Classroom program and recognizing the enormous role teachers and school staff play in transforming school culture, we have launched a cutting-edge Teacher Wellness Program©, which arms them with the tools they need to make healthier choices for themselves and to serve as role models within their schools and families.

In our workshops, FoodFight moves beyond traditional nutrition education by addressing critical questions of food politics, consumership and media literacy. We believe that education is a crucial element in combating America’s health crisis and that schools should be at the forefront of a campaign to transform our nation’s eating habits and lead us towards a more healthful and sustainable future.

A sample of topics covered in our Teacher Wellness Program:

  • How marketing and branding shape our shopping and eating habits
  • What our bodies “really” need to stay active and healthy
  • Supermarket skills: dodging consumer traps and maximizing shopping dollars
  • What is the impact of food policies on our health and well-being?
  • Portion size, serving size and belt size: how do they correlate?
  • Decoding health claims and reading nutrition facts
  • Why diets don’t work and what does
  • Understanding the role teachers have in shaping students’ attitudes about health
  • Cooking simple, healthy meals that you and your family will love

All FoodFight workshops include an Interactive cooking demonstration with a Whole Foods Chef

Download the Teacher Wellness Flyer

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